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Let’s talk about time


by Miren Menabrito

What this crisis is leaving us with is A LOT OF TIME, and what I have found myself saying is “Time is Life”


How are you using this time?


Let’s use it wisely!!!


My colleague Chrissy posted before about becoming more human during this time... do you think the same?


I do. Before we were all running from point A to B and so on... now we are at home, safe & healthy and making the necessary steps to help stop the pandemic. We are thinking more about how we can help each other and not so much about how we can make more money.

People have started bartering goods instead of buying everything they need.

We are all helping each other.


Money was the top priority to almost all workers, today health is the top priority for us all.


We are using our time to think about how we can become better, we are using our time to enjoy life.


I am using my time to spend more time with my daughter and partner but also going back to review truncate projects and bringing them back to life.


I keep working, of course, I love my job!! But now I have found the time to put a lot of time into a special project I wanted to start at the beginning of the year, but didn’t have time to until now!


I am also using my time to video call & in general to communicate more with my family that is on another continent, so even if I cannot travel at this point of time to visit them I can still share my day-to-day with them.


We at ELA international are using our time to create better ways to help you as a candidate or as a company, we are all together in this struggle!!! 


Let’s do more H2H and find out how we can best support you at this point in time.


Make contact & create your future with us.

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