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How to become a

part of the Team


A situation a lot of us have found ourselves in: joining a new team. Depending on how you handle social situation, you might shy away from conversations or actively search for a conversational partner the first time you step into the office.

The people you work with are crucial for a number of reasons.

Who will help you when you don’t know how to do something? Your colleagues.

Who will you spend most of your day with? Your colleagues.

Who will you eat your lunch with every day? Your colleagues.

Who will motivate you on a bad day? Your colleagues.

I have recently started a new position and joined a new team. I am a pretty extroverted person so I never struggled to integrate, but I have also never worked full time. Last year I graduated from university and, although I always worked as a student, I have never spent so much time with the same group of people every day. Additionally, I was the newest member of the team so I felt a little bit anxious to meet everyone. A part of the interview process was to meet the team so I did know who I was working with, but I have seen them once for 5 minutes. After working for a while now, these are some of the tips I gathered so far:

1.     Be open-minded!

Regardless of the age or gender or origin of the person, you should never assume anything about anyone. Be open to conversations and gatherings outside of working hours. You might find yourself doing something outside of your comfort zone, but that’s where the fun things happen!

2.     Show commitment!

You should show you are committed not only to the job, but also to the team. Contribute to activities and strive for excellence.

3.     Don’t hesitate!

You should not stay in the shadows. Make sure to contribute to conversations and ask questions. Raise your hand and express your opinion!

4.     Be reliable!

No one likes the person who comes in late every second day or the one who never completes their tasks. Be the person your colleague love to work with.

5.     Don’t be stubborn!

Everyone makes mistakes and you should be aware of that. Recognize when you are wrong and be ready to admit your failures. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

6.     Respect your colleagues!

Some of them have been working for the company much longer than you have. Give them the respect they deserve. One should be self-aware of how you treat other people. Don’t remember that the respect you give is the respect you receive.

7.     Listen actively!

Avoid always interrupting, summarize and repeat back what they have said. Observe the body language to give them an extra level of understanding. It is one of the most helpful skills you can develop, not only to understand the way your team functions, but also to understand how the business works. 

I love being part of a team, especially during hard times like these. I love having daily catch ups with them and appreciate every one of them.

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