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7 Reasons Why You Should Take This Temporary Job


1. Take it for a ‘Test Drive’


A lot of people think that if they commit to a job, it’s like ‘getting married’ and the plan is to stay forever.

Well news for you! Most people change their jobs a couple of times during their career lifetime! So why wouldn’t you go and try a job or another company just because it is a limited contract? Let me tell you a secret… It’s a great opportunity to try out a new role or a new industry. A limited contract can help you figure out if you like what you are doing and see if the company standards and values is in line with what you are looking for. Even if the role ends after a certain amount of time, you would have gained valuable insights into yourself, the corporate life, know what you want and don’t want from your future employer.


2. Get experience in the field you would like to specialize in


Graduates might have an idea of where they want to go but not the experience to be considered for their dream job. So why commit to a long term role you don’t plan to stay forever in. Why not instead, gain experience so you can get to your dream job? Best way to go there – a temp job!


3. Believe it or not: Equal or higher Salaries than in a permanent position!


There are lots of prejudices when it comes to temping and salaries. I admit that it depends on the industry and the agency you are working with. When it comes to commercial jobs, in most cases your salary is on par with a permanent position, if not even more. Why you can get more in a temp than in a perm job? The answers are simple

  • Companies want to have temp jobs filled on short notice  

  • Are willing to pay for fast availability

  • Often you will be paid for every hour you work

  • Overtime premiums can add up to quite a lot in the end!


4. Get your foot in the door of your Dream Company or Industry


Many established companies with good reputations either get so many applications on their perm roles that your competition is extremely strong or they don’t hire permanently at all for certain positions. That means being open to a temp job within this company will increase your chance of getting a foot in the door. Then when you got in as a temp, you can show off as the asset you actually are, that they cannot miss anymore.


5. Expand your network


You temp in this great company and you would like to stay there but they don’t have the capacity of offer you a permanent role…don’t fret. The most valuable thing you can take out of this is that you have gained experience and expanded your network! Maybe this one great colleague you loved to work with will open up his own company soon and wants you to be part of their team or this amazing client has a very suitable role and thought of you. Never underestimate the value of a big network you can create through covering short-term roles.

6. Short notice periods


Temp jobs generally tend to have short notice periods e.g. one week within the first 3 months, so even if it’s not THE perfect job for you… keep looking. If you then find your perfect job, you can get out of the assignment quite quickly.

7. Companies like to keep good temps


While a lot of temp jobs are temp-to-perm anyway (meaning: Company hires you on a temp basis but will look to take you over permanently) you and the company actually don’t know what will happen in the next 6 to 12 months. Maybe they grow and new positions open up, or they just see the benefit in having you on board. So even if the timely duration is set, go into it with an open mind because you might have actually already started your perm career without knowing it!

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