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7 Reasons Why Temporary Workers Are An Asset To Companies


1.    Scalability & Adaptability

Does your company have a busy season, or do you have a new project being rolled out? Adding temporary workers increases your workforce without the added stress of advertising for positions, recruiting internally and onboarding internal employees. With temporary workers you don’t have to plan months in advance and can react to changes within the market or the company on short notice. Maybe your company is currently reorganizing or suffering from budget cuts? Hiring temporary workers gives you more flexibility within your work force, and allows you to keep things running smoothly as things change and long term plans are put into place. 


2.    Test drive new talents


Have you found someone with an intriguing profile and great potential, but aren’t sure where to place them within your company? Hire them as a temporary worker for a position without risk. You can see if they fit into that role, and if things work out then you can hire them internally. If not? Then there is less risk – you can move them to a different position within our company, or simply finish the contract without any risk on your side.  

3.    Hold onto new talents while waiting on funding or head count


Do you need new people to join your team, but don’t have the green light to hire new employees from the higher-ups? Many companies only receive head counts for new employees at the beginning of each year, but realize later on that they are still short-handed. Maybe someone has left the company unexpectedly or has a long term leave (sick/parental leave/sabbatical)? Or maybe you have found the perfect talent and don’t want them to go to a competitor? During times like these, you can take on temporary workers to ensure your team is full, and then you can hire them internally once you are able to. 


4.    Boost morale of internal employees


If you are shorthanded and your employees are busy doing overtime, or taking on more tasks then they should, then you can bring in a temporary worker to provide much needed relief to the team. Many times when someone is on parental leave, or if someone has a long-term sickness, the company simply leaves the position vacant until the person returns. Taking on temporary workers can quickly fill the gap that has been left behind, and ensures that your other employees aren’t burdened with extra responsibilities.


5.    Access to highly-qualified candidates


Contrary to what many people think, temporary workers are not low-level administrative workers. They are skilled professionals who can provide your company with valuable skills. 

6.    Recruiters as consultants


Take advantage of working together with recruitment consultants. They are experts in their fields and tend to know the market much better than in-house recruiters because they are used to dealing not only with candidates, but also with other companies and competitors. They also have access to candidates who may not be actively looking and applying on their own.

7.    Save time and money!


Many companies believe that using recruitment agencies or temporary workers are more expensive than hiring candidates internally, but this is not the case! When a company hires a new employee internally, there are more costs involved than just the salary of the employee. There are costs (and a lot of time) involved in writing and posting job advertisements on various channels. After (hopefully) receiving a good response to job ads, you then need to sort through all of the applications and CVs you have received and set up interviews with the candidates, which takes a lot of time and energy. Have you finally found the candidate you are looking for? Then there are all of the onboarding costs as well as ongoing costs of an internal employee such as taxes and statutory costs, social security and health insurance costs, administrative costs . The other advantage of having temporary employees is that you only pay for the actual hours that the employee worked. Is your employee on holiday or out sick? If they are internal employees, then the company carries all of these costs. If they are temporary employees, then the agency will cover all of these costs. 

Want to find out more about what advantages temporary workers can bring to your company? Then get in touch with us to see what excellent recruitment solutions we can offer you. We look forward to supporting you through your next recruitment challenges!

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