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We can help YOU in these challenging times and support YOUR changing needs


by Miren Menabrito

We are all facing challenging times and it is always good to have a “buddy” to speak to, to share things, and someone that is or has been in the same situation you are and can sympathize with you.


We are here for you!


For companies:


As a company, hiring manager, lead of a department/region, HR, etc., you might be facing...

  • tough decisions about your current team & about the people you had in line to hire in the next weeks/months. 

  • Headcount or budget cut

  • Hiring freeze

  • Workload piling up

  • Processes being stopped because you are missing someone in that team/area


We are here to help you!


The best approach to respond to these “issues” when you still need that person is temporary recruitment & we are specialists! Create your future with us.


Some of our clients have started using this approach already. With the current crisis, their headcount for a position had been removed and they approached us to help them still hire the new person on a temporary basis until the crisis improves and the headcount is reinstated.


Could this help your current situation?


We are here to support you! 


For candidates


As an employee, freelancer, jobseeker, fresh grad, experienced worker, etc., you might be…

  • recently unemployed

  • lost in your search

  • wondering how to improve your application

  • wondering what would be the best approach to finding a new job during this time

  • need advice

  • starting a new search

  • looking around for new opportunities


We are more committed than ever to support you and advise you so you can make the most of these uncertain times.


So whether you are a company missing headcount or in the need of staff, or you are a candidate looking for a new career opportunity, we are here to help you!

Share with us your situation and needs and we will find the right path to follow together and create your future with us!

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